Operations Manager - Specialist Occupational Health Recruiter

Dan Doran

Dan started with Medicor as a Trainee and has progressed through the business and is now Head of Medicor.

Dan’s specialist market is Occupational Health, where he started his recruitment career. Working exclusively with many of the UK’s leading Occupational Health providers, Dan’s knowledge in this sector makes him a key partner to his clients.

Whether you are a new client or candidate, please feel free to contact Dan at ddoran@medicor-global.com

Black belt recruiter

Dan’s interests

Growing up, Dan was a keen sportsman; playing football for his local team and achieving his black belt in Karate. He is the first to admit he isn’t as active as he once was, and these days prefers a less strenuous game of pool instead!

Dan’s competitive nature is ever prominent and when asked what he wanted to be when he was a child, his answer was simply “the best”.

Dan’s passion for the Healthcare industry is ever present and he is a big fan of shows such as “24 hours in A&E” and “Casualty”.



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